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From the Earth

Cynthia Beavers curates a health and delicious menu for diners around Oklahoma and the nation.

Bowled over" Tulsas Jumping on New Smoothie Trend

The smoothie is an epitome of convenience food for people on the go. Pop a few ingredients into a blender, sip it through a straw and ta-da — you’ve got an instant healthy meal on the go. It’s easy to love a meal that won’t slow you down.

Good Fresh Easts at Pure

Tulsa World | article online by Anne Brockman Pure Food and Juice has called Brookside and the Center One shopping center home since 2016, but Cynthia Beavers has been promoting a clean eating lifestyle for 20 years. “People think we’re just a juice bar,” Beavers says. But really, Pure is...

Vegan Dining

When Cynthia Beavers started practicing a vegan diet, she wasn’t ill or even looking for a way to improve her health. She was already eating healthy, but a book sparked her ah-ha moment.

Raw in Order

Sun pours in through the cascade of glass surrounding 105 Degrees in Oklahoma City, and the kitchen smells of fresh herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables.

Tast Pure Raw

ADVOCATE - Lakewood / East Dallas | article onlineby Kris Scott Can a restaurant that serves only raw, vegan food survive in a state where the biggest culinary boasts are barbecue and brisket? Cynthia Beavers thinks so. Beavers recently opened PURE Raw Café on Greenville , and she insists her menu is more...

Pure Cafe

In the beginning of a New Year. We've enjoyed our holiday parties, feasts, family travels and breaks from work and school. We may or may not have spent much of that time thinking about our regular diet and exercise routines, telling ourselves that we can always get back on the...