Packing a Punch

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Juice bars gain popularity in Tulsa.

Sushi at Pure Food + Juice

Natalie Mikles Dec 27, 2016 Updated Jan 10, 2020

For Cynthia Beavers, juicing isn’t a fad. It’s something she has been doing professionally for 16 years in various establishments and vegan restaurants. All those years ago, when the idea of drinking raw juice and eating raw plant-based foods seemed out of touch to some people, Beavers preached the benefits of a such a diet.

Beavers has many clients who have been with her all that time. Others are new to eating and drinking raw. She is an informative and gentle teacher to those wanting to dive into a juicing lifestyle. But Pure also is a great place to go for a breakfast smoothie or an occasional pack of juices for the family.

Packing a punch

Beavers takes her fruit and veggies seriously and says each bottle of juice contains 3 pounds of produce. She also says more than 1,600 people have participated in Pure’s 21-day transformation cleanse.

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