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Cynthia Beavers curates a health and delicious menu for diners around Oklahoma and the nation.

Oklahoma Magazine | article online

by Amanda Simcoe

Pure Food + Juice in Oklahoma Magazine

Thirteen years ago, opening a raw vegan restaurant in the middle of the country seemed like an off-the-wall idea to some. However, for Cynthia Beavers, it was something she thought was much needed, and she hoped others would agree. 

Having moved from Dallas to be closer to her parents, Beavers could find nothing like her homebase restaurant and decided to take a risk. She began by offering local delivery and nationwide shipments of her juices, smoothies and raw vegan meals before opening up Pure Cafe at Tulsa’s 37th and Harvard.

Despite being the first of its kind in town, the concept was a success. Many Tulsans who had never considered vegan food to be gourmet got their first taste of entirely plant-based fine dining. For others, the notion of raw foods as a complete menu was foreign.

I was pleasantly surprised by the dishes on her menu – particularly since I sell meat and cheese for a living. The idea that raw vegan lasagna even existed was not something I had ever thought about, and the fact that I enjoy it as much as its meaty, cheesy counterpart was a complete surprise.

It has been many years since I became a fan, and Pure has evolved during that time. In 2016, Beavers moved the restaurant to its current home at 35th and Peoria in Brookside’s Center 1. Pure Cafe is now Pure Food and Juice, offering both cooked meals and raw options. Smoothie bowls, Buddha bowls, plant-based burgers, enchiladas, quesadillas and zucchini noodles are some of the items that have joined the menu. Beer, wine and herb and juice-based cocktails also made their debut at the new location.

The menu still caters to many dietary needs, including low-carb, paleo, dairy-free and grain-free. While the base menu is still primarily vegan, Beavers is expanding by offering humanely sourced local farm eggs, along with chicken and salmon coming soon for those looking to eat clean but add protein options.

Desserts are decadent and delicious. The key lime pie, made with coconut and avocado, is my favorite. As Beavers has always said, it is “healthy food that tastes really unhealthy.”

In addition to full-service dining, Pure Food and Juice also offers a convenient grab-n-go cooler for a quick meal or for restocking your fridge with juices and smoothies.

For those looking for a little extra help with their eating habits, Beavers provides wellness programs ranging from a 3, 5, or 7-day cleanse to a 21-day Transformation Program that includes personal guidance.

For clients outside of the Tulsa area, nationwide shipping is still available, and juices and smoothies can be ordered at for Tulsa and OKC delivery. Beavers is also looking to open a new location in the OKC metro later this year.

To keep up with the daily menu features, special offers and plenty of pictures of beautiful food, follow @purefoodandjuice on Facebook and Instagram.

Pure Food + Juice, Oklahoma Magazine

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