Meet Cynthia



coconut dream 13
creamy coconut dessert handcrafted with fresh young coconut

chocolate ganache + raspberry 12
chocolate ice cream pie, raspberry coulis

melt in your mouth brownie 12
warm brownie, chocolate frosting, raspberry + chocolate drizzle

pumpkin ice cream pie 13
pumpkin, coconut butter, pumpkin pie spices, almond cookie crust

rose rock micro creamery ice cream 12
ask for flavors of the day, topped with chocolate or dragon fruit drizzle

single espresso shot 3.5

double espresso shot 5

coconut or cinnamon milk 6.5
espresso with pf+j house-made cashew cinnamon nut milk

lavender 6.5
espresso with cirque coffee lavender and house-made cashew milk
blue majik + 3

jeremy’s signature 7
espresso with pf+j house-made coconut + cashew dinnamon milk

mud\wtr 7
adaptogenic mushroom drink with cocoa, marsala chai, turmeric, cinnamon, lion’s mane, reishi changa, cordyceps, with pf+j house-made cinnamon milk

matcha cloud 7.5
matcha, coconut cream, ashwagandha, reishi, lions mane, probiotics


black lemonade elixir 9.5
lemon juice, charcoal, agave
detoxification, antibacterial, lower cholesterol, liver + kidney health, skin

purple butterfly flower elixir 9
pea flowers, rosewater, lime
glowing skin, weight loss, stress relief, heart health

dragon water 9.5
dragonfruit, lime, high alkaline water immunity, prebiotic, iron + magnesium rich

ocean water 9
blue majik, lemon, high alkaline water
protein + b vitamin rich, iron, weight loss anxiety, depression, menopause

rose aphrodisiac tea 9
rose petals, lemongrass, pomegranate, hibiscus
aphrodisiac, metabolism, skin and hair, liver health