Pure Food + Juice, 1 year of nutritional food

HALF PRICE Program Meals + Juices + Smoothies Meal Club - ALL YEAR!

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No Excuse to be Healthy! Juice Smoothie Plan SALE $3900 Normally, $8700!
​Save over half price! 52 weeks of 
Juices, Smoothies, and Meals 

1/2 price or less!

We have over 100 customers on this plan!
You get 936 credits to use over a 2-year period. 
1 credit= juice, smoothie, or dessert
2 credit= any meals on the menu 
This makes our drinks $4 and our meals $8
unheard of a good deal! $3900 
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We ship overnight via FedEx, the cost for 1 box shipped is $95.0.0

You can order online and pick up at our Brookside location.