The Millionaire Smoothie

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The Millionaire Smoothie, Pure Food and Juice

This Millionaire Superfood Smoothie will change your life with chlorella, spirulina, royal jelly, aloe vera, bee pollen, cilantro, spinach, fresh orange, pineapple, avocado, and jalapeño. 

The Millionaire Smoothie
Recipe 2-4 servings

3c frozen unsweetened pineapple
5 c fresh squeezed orange juice
1 bunch of cilantro
4 c baby spinach
1 medium avocado
1/4 ripe jalapeño
pinch high mineral salt (not processed) like Celtic Salt
royal jelly
fresh aloe vera
bee pollen

Add all ingredients to the blender except the chlorella, spirulina, royal jelly, aloe vera and bee pollen and blend till creamy.

Add superfoods and blend 10 seconds.

Pour into a glass and enjoy! Best Way to start your day!

Superfood Powers:
Chlorella: A single cell fresh water algae known for helping cancer patients immunity. It is loaded with protein, iron, magnesium, and GLA. It also helps remove heavy metals from the body.